About Indelible Mark

This blog is all about Mark Patterson. All you have to do is Google “Mark Patterson” to see about a billion Mark Pattersons out there. Rest assured, you have reached the real Mark Patterson. All the others are CIA plants designed as red herrings to lead you astray. Do not be fooled!

Seriously, this site is my home site for all things me. I am a technologist by profession — Salesforce and “Cloud” consulting, Information Technology operations and infrastructure, and computer science. Personally, I am a writer, avid reader, lover of all sorts of music, outdoorsman, and (very) amateur photographer. I also love really good cigars. I live with my lovely family in Central Oregon, USA. I spent a good chunk of my early life on the East Coast, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, primarily, but moved to California in my teens and Oregon in the late aughts.