The Democratic Party Should Learn from FDR

Democrats should learn and read FDR rather than just ape his program names. FDR's acceptance speech at the 1936 convention is amazing - and you can see why he was elected to four terms. In this speech, he lays out the case that while we won political freedom in 1776, the then-current fight in 1936… Continue reading The Democratic Party Should Learn from FDR


From the Washington Post this morning (March 21, 2017): Trump didn’t lie, Jeffrey Lord says on CNN. He just speaks a different language — ‘Americanese.’ What an outright admission of Trump sending "dog whistles" to his base of supporters. When I read this this morning, I thought of other "Americanese" expressions that Trump has been spouting: "Make… Continue reading “Americanese”

Sit Down at a Typewriter and Bleed

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." -Ernest Hemingway Or was it Ernest Hemingway? When I realized that Donald J. Trump was going to be the GOP candidate for president, I realized that anything I say would probably not change people's views on the guy. The press and… Continue reading Sit Down at a Typewriter and Bleed

“They Live” Does Not Belong to Racists

  "On Wednesday, Hollywood legend John Carpenter hit back at neo-Nazis and white supremacists online who had been idolizing his 1988 cult classic, They Live, as an allegory for fighting against Jewish supremacy." - Gizmodo, January 3, 2017 One of my favorite movies of all time is "They Live," the fantastic 1988 movie starring Roddy Piper… Continue reading “They Live” Does Not Belong to Racists

Trump: Use Couriers

"It's very important, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashioned way because I'll tell you what, no computer is safe." Donald J. Trump "Dimitri... look, Dimitri... Dimitri, the carrier pigeon is... look, it's on its way, alright? Just hold off on the bombers... I… Continue reading Trump: Use Couriers

Alternative to Trump – Conservative Evan McMullin

In my opinion, Trump is completely and 100% unqualified to be president. Worse, he has no clue that he is completely and 100% unqualified to be president. Just the other night he reiterated his asinine idea that we should have "taken the oil" from Iraq, and that the US generals are "reduced to rubble," that… Continue reading Alternative to Trump – Conservative Evan McMullin